WATCH: Cop Pulls THUG Over And Then All HELL Breaks Loose (GRAPHIC)

This is horrifying to watch what happened to this officer during a routine call for a car that was playing loud music. This is the reality of the danger that police officers face everyday — and the #BlackLivesMatter group is continually making it even harder for them to do their jobs without fearing for their lives.

Scroll down to see the full graphic video of what happened to the officer.

Harrowing footage shows a Minnesota cop fighting for his life after a wanted criminal he was about to arrest began to punch and choke him – before trying to grab his gun.

For three excruciating minutes, officer Sean Hyman desperately fought off his attacker while fellow policemen rushed to his aid.

The late-night confrontation occurred in the city of Brooklyn Park on November 29 just after midnight.

The video, which emerged only this week, began with Hyman responding to a noise complaint involving a parked car playing loud music.

Upon arrival he realized there was a felony warrant for the arrest of the man inside the car, 25-year-old Lance Carr. However, as the cop moved to arrest Carr, he turned on him in a violent and terrifying way.

As Hyman went to cuff Carr, the young man turns and punches the officer, before tackling him to the floor.

The two start to struggle, which begins a fight that lasts for more than three minutes, as Hyman is repeatedly punched and strangled by Carr.

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