Are All ‘Hate Crimes’ Treated Equally? This Is Proof That the Answer Is ‘NO’

Was this a hate crime?

15-year-old Nicole Angstadt was raped, murdered, and dismembered. Two males were arrested in relation to the murder in June, 2016

Again, was this a hate crime?

Of course it wasn’t The victim was white and suspects were black.

The name of Nicole Angstadt will not be embedded in our minds by the national media. That honor is reserved for the likes of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Neither were murdered, but the deaths of both were useful to advance the cultural Marxism narrative that white Americans are oppressors and blacks are perennial victims of that oppression.

The brutal black-on-white murder of Nicole Angstadt simply doesn’t fit that narrative.

Indicted were Derrick Powers, 23, and Charles Mosley, 33.

News accounts say the teen was reported missing on December 1, 2015. Her remains were found two weeks later in the crawl space of a vacant home in the Cape May area.

• The life of 21-year-old Taylor Friloux ended early on the morning of June 29, 2016.

Friloux was working at a Kenner, Louisiana restaurant when a former employee allegedly robbed the store. The victim was stabbed repeatedly as the thief fled the store.

The attacker is black. Firloux was white. The attacker is a male. Friloux was a female. Nonetheless, the media failed to assume racism or sexism was involved.

Arrested is Joshua Every, 23.

• It’s difficult to imagine that 46-year-old Randy Dial was blessed with white privilege.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana man suffered from a mental disorder, reports say, and lived in Spartan conditions in a motel.

29-year-old Justin Littlejohn allegedly told Dial to shut up, then punched the white man in the face. While the victim was knocked out and lying on the motel room floor, Littlejohn reportedly unplugged a microwave and brought it down on Dial’s head. Repeatedly.

The attacker then smashed his victim in the face, using the heavy glass cooking plate from the microwave.

Dial died. He suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.

Dial was white. His attacker is black and was found guilty of murder.

The conviction was reached in June, 2016. The crime occurred in December, 2015.

At what point do we stop pretending black Americans are victims of white oppression and accept the breadth and scope of violent black-on-white crime?

• Another George Stinney is off to prison. Stinney was the 14-year-old black male who murdered two little white girls in 1945.

• Sharron “Tommy” Townsend was 12-years-old when he chose to shoot and kill a privileged homeless white man. Thomas Zona Trent, 54, was shot in the head by Townsend.

The office of State Attorney Angela Corey waived the 25-year minimum mandatory sentence. Townsend may serve no more than ten years.

The crime occurred in Jacksonville, Fla.

A news report in 2014 called the murder “spontaneous.” reported:

People who recognized the 12-year-old Jacksonville boy accused of randomly killing a homeless man June 28 said he had been a troublemaker at the strip plaza where the body was found with a gunshot to the head. Workers at one shop said Sharron Sherman Townsend and others around his age hung out at the plaza on 103rd Street at Ricker Road, sometimes swearing and bothering customers.

• Some victims of black-on-white violence survive.

Two black females dragged a 19-year-old pregnant white girl through the drive-thru window at Wendy’s and beat her.

The black females complained that the worker had neglected to provide straws. When the victim explained the straws were in the bag, the females attacked, reports say.

The crime occurred in Independence, Missouri. The victim was identified as Tori Repine who suffered cuts and bruises to her face.

Had two white women dragged a black pregnant woman through a drive-thru window and beat here, would it be national news?

• Not all victims of black violence are white.

A 23-year-old black woman is dead as is her unborn baby. The two are victims of black-on-black violence.

Tamecca Perry was shot within a week of giving birth.

Reports say the suspect, 24-year-old Shanika Minor, allegedly killed the two in a dispute over loud music.

Minor was added to the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List.

Privileged white liberals complain of micro-aggressions committed by whites and rail over white police officers defending themselves when attacked by black thugs. Most black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Those lives apparently don’t matter to white liberals who are intent on advancing a cultural Marxism agenda in which only whites are oppressors and blacks are always portrayed as their victims.

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