WATCH: Moment Of SILENCE For Fallen Police, RUINED By Black Lives Matter (DISGUSTING)

Stay classy, BLM.

They keep telling us that #BLM is about elevating black lives, not about not about hating cops. Check out what event they interrupted to “get their point across” and see if you believe them.

A moment’s silence for slain police officers was interrupted by chants of ‘Black Lives Matter’ during the Democratic convention.
Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez was on stage paying a stirring tribute to the five officers who were gunned down in her city on July 7.
The veteran officer then asked the crowd to remember all of the cops who had fallen in the line of duty with a quiet moment of reflection.
She said: ‘Please help me to honor ALL of America’s fallen officers with a moment of silence.’
Then members of the crowd shouted the controversial slogan, and it was heard all around Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.
Read more: Daily Mail

Here’s the kicker: each of the police officers on stage had lost loved ones. So much for that “moral authority of the bereaved” that they keep shoving in our faces. Or maybe that only “matters” when the loved one is a thug.

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