Here’s the INSANE Amount of Liberal Hypocrisy Present at the DNC

As of this writing, the freak show otherwise known as the Hypocrites National Convention has begun and already it’s chaotic. Hypocrites? How so, you may be asking. It would be simple enough to bring up the Bernie Sanders sell-out. Or to comment on Fauxcahontas Warren and Sarah Silverman. Not to mention the whole Paul Simon sing-along and the Mario Cuomo video – that’ right, the Mario Cuomo video. The pot was definitely calling the kettle to discuss authentic blackness during the latter two events.

Democratic Convention hypocrisy must surely include the opening spectacle of Palestinian and communist flags flying inside an arena named for Wells Fargo, and a mob so inclusively minded they thought it best to express their tolerance of diversity by booing during the opening prayer. One wonders, had Democrats followed the GOP’s lead and had a female Sikh lead a prayer, would assembled Democrats have reacted as they did.

So how would a Democrat make it inside to the convention floor in order to boo the opening prayer while hoisting the old Soviet glory aloft in the first place?

First, the Democrats built a wall Donald Trump should’ve been proud of. It was tall enough that no one could climb it. Reinforced sufficiently so that when the Bernie crew tried to surge through it nothing happened. Looking at a wall like that one wonders, if we had one of those on our southern border then like the Democrats, Americans could control who we let into our country.

Beyond the wall, something else was required. Democrats have told us that particular something is “racist”. It’s called a photo ID. Democrats think photo IDs are racist when it comes to elections. Democrats think photo IDs are a must for anyone trying to get into their convention.

Inside the convention hall, DNC operatives operated with all the thuggery they claim happens only at Donald Trump events. Bernie Sanders supporters were rounded up and had their signs confiscated for example. So much for the democracy in the Democratic Party. There must be a lot of poor people of color that wanted to get into the convention but couldn’t because of the racist photo ID requirement set forth by Democrats.

And, there was a wall built in front of the stage on the floor of the convention – just in case any illegal that slipped through the Great Wall out front decided to make a surge towards the podium.

Did I mention there were more guns present in and around the Democratic Convention than anywhere else in America per capita? Guns. To protect all those Democrats that think guns magically sprout legs and shoot people all by themselves. Guns to protect Democrats that think one more law on the books will cause a criminal to think twice about committing a crime. (That’s right, Democrats want one more law criminalizing behavior even though they think criminalization disproportionately affects people of color).

Just in case a gun did sprout legs and start shooting, there were also more police in and around their convention than there were classified emails on someone’s illegal server. Police to protect Hillary, Bernie, Black Lives Matter, and the dolt in the man on the street interview that had no idea the Soviet flag he proudly carried was responsible for millions upon millions of deaths worldwide over a period spanning generations.

So it goes at the Hypocrites National Convention.

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Contradictions and hypocrisy abound at the Democratic National Convention.

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Andrew Allen

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