DEAR LIBERAL DIPSTICKS: The Difference Between Islam & Christianity Is, Christians Don’t BEHEAD Blasphemers

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Liberals hate the fact that Islam is actually not a religion of peace — and this proves that. Take a look at what this man was beheaded for by ISIS. Will you see Baptists doing this for mocking Christianity?

Harrowing pictures have emerged showing a second obese executioner beheading a man for ‘mocking Islam’ in front of children in the ISIS’ stronghold of Raqqa.

The horrifying images emerged at the same time as the increasingly-besieged terror group shared pictures of its ‘softer side’ – showing militants handing out advice on giving to charity during Ramadan.

And it is not the only vile ‘execution’ to happen in recent days: another series shows a man’s head sawn off with a knife. His supposed crime was ‘pledging allegiance to the infidels’.

The pictures from the Raqqa murder shows a man sitting on a chair in a town square, surrounded by a crowd of men and boys, some who appear to be little older than seven or eight.

The bespectacled executioner – who bares more than a passing resemblance to The Bulldozer, the obese killer captured by the Syrian army last month – is seen wielding the massive weapon, apparently taking off the man’s head in one sweep.

In one picture, members of the crowd seem to be smiling as the medieval punishment is carried out.

The pictures appear to have been circulated as the extremist group struggles to hold onto Manbij, currently encircled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-dominated group aided by U.S. special forces that also includes Arab fighters.

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