FLASHBACK: Remember When Cops Shot WHITE Bikers And No One RIOTED?

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Do you remember this time when cops shot a white man and no one rioted or protested? You might want to share this with your friends, because they won’t hear it from the mainstream media.

Why aren’t they sending the National Guard in? Because no one is setting Waco on fire and no one is rioting about this.

A biker brawl in Waco, Texas, Sunday that left nine bikers dead and 18 injured is drawing the astonishing response from liberal media voices that the bikers are being treated differently from inner-city rioters because they’re white.

Barely had the news gone national before race-obsessed New York Times columnist Charles Blow posted a Twitter question wondering whether the National Guard would be activated — like a gang fight is somehow the same as a mass disturbance aimed at mass destruction.

One tweeter summed it up: “That awkward moment when police shoot white thugs and no one gets mad and sets the town on fire.”

Waco cops, though, seem to know exactly what happened — even if it was extreme.

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