VIRTUAL ‘LYNCHING’ of Whites Going Unreported — Where’s the Media?

A caller to a talk radio program suggested blacks should execute innocent white people by lynching them.

You may hear the radio program in the video below.

That, he believed, will end the current trend of whites oppressing blacks; particularly white cops shooting innocent blacks males.

His point: Lynching innocent white people will attract media attention and put white folks in their place. All will be well once we get a taste of our own medicine.

The is a problem with that approach, however.

Blacks already are executing innocent white people and have been doing so for generations. The national media refuse to report the epidemic.

Each year hundreds of innocent white Americans are murdered by black thugs.

Those of us who report the epidemic of black-on-white crime are often stigmatized as “racists” for simply telling the truth the media choose to ignore. The objective is to silence us through bullying, name-calling and intimidation. However, were we to be silent, only the liars would be speaking; espousing a false narrative that blacks are the perennial victims of white oppression when, in reality, the opposite is true.

You may read hundreds of recent news accounts of black-on-white violence at

Last year I identified over 500 local news stories in which blacks murdered white people without provocation. None of the stories were reported by national news venues.

The first ten days of July, 2016, I documented ten local news stories that reported accounts of innocent white people executed by blacks.

• 72-year-old Martha Tyler was strangled to death by William P. Jackson, according to Jackson.

Tyler was white. Jackson is black.

The guilty plea was reported July 8, 2016. The murder occurred in 2014.

Reports say the victim was found bound with a bag over her head in her Martinsburg, West Virginia home.

After the murder Jackson used his victim’s debit card.

Jackson had been hired by Tyler to do yard work in exchange for food and money.

Robert Hanna, 51, was fatally shot during a robbery at a Kwik Shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The crime occurred July 7, 2016 and was captured on video by a surveillance camera.

Police identified the alleged killer as a black male.

Carina Castellano, a 26-year-old white woman, was murdered by her black boyfriend, reports say.

Nigel Green admitted to police he killed her and left her remains in a ditch.

The victim was reported missing by her mother on June 30, 2016.

Kimberly Lucus-Raynes, 44, was fatally shot in Sumrall, Mississippi May 18, 2016.

Arrested for the crime is Donald King, Jr., 35.

Lucus-Raynes was white. King is black.

Few other details regarding the homicide were available.

• 23-year-old David Stewart was executed while behind the wheel of a vehicle in Charleston, West Virginia.

Reports say Stewart was shot with a AK-15 prompting him to accelerate the vehicle to escape the gun fire. He died moments later.

Arrested for the crime is Deandre “Dravo” Moore, 19.

Stewart was white. Moore is black. The national media have ignored the murder. It does not fit their narrative that blacks are the perennial objects of white oppression.

The crime was reported July 8, 2016.

• Tiffany Campbell and Melissa Chilton were stabbed to death at a tanning business in 1996.

Patrick Streater was arrested for the crimes in 2015.

In July, 2016 an effort was made to reduce the suspect’s $750,000 bond; an apparent attempt to allow Streater to be freed from jail. That request was denied and Streater will remain incarcerated.

• Larry Weaver, 66, is dead.

The victim was reported missing from a Missouri motel where he was staying while on a motorcycle road trip. His body was found by a helicopter surveying the area.

Surveillance video recorded a truck and trailer making off with what was suspected to be the victim’s motorcycle.

Three black suspects have been arrested. The victim was white.

The black-on-white murder was reported July 2, 2016 and occurred in Sikeston, Missouri.

• Little was said about the murder of Jesse Guy in May, 2016. Guy was murdered while working as a security guard at a night club in South Carolina.

Round O Road murder leads remain elusive | Crime | The Press and Standard

He was 38 years old. He had been shot in the back.

A second security guard was also shot, but survived.

The men were attempting to control a disturbance in the club’s parking lot, reports say.

23-year-old Andre N. Crawford was arrested for the crime. The arrest was reported July 6, 2016.

Crawford is black. Guy was white.

• 24-year-old Emily Sonneman is dead.

Reports say the woman jumped from the balcony of her former boyfriend’s apartment to escape his rage. 26-year-old Dion Stevens followed her and shot her multiple times, reports say.

The victim was still conscious when police arrived and identified Stevens as her killer.

Stevens was found dead in his apartment. He apparently shot himself.

The crime occurred in Wichita, Kansas and was reported July 7, 2016.

• A black male has been charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated murder relating to the death of a Roselawn, Ohio woman.

54-year-old Tammy Wiley was found dead in her apartment. The woman was stricken with terminal cancer.

Arrested is 27-year-old Kayle Taylor.

Taylor is black. His victim was white.

According to

Police said Wiley had duct tape over her mouth, eyes and nose. They also said they found belongings from Wiley’s apartment in Taylor’s apartment.

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