How South African Farms Are Being Destroyed by Black-on-White Violence

Jan Hettema, a cyclist, participated in three events at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne. He was also a noted rally driver having won the South African National Rally Championship five times.

Hettema died late last month, the latest victim of black-on-white violence in South Africa.

The octogenarian was murdered at his Tweedrag farm near Boschkop in Pretoria on June 29, 2016.

Reports say black robbers overpowered Hettma, his elderly wife, and a worker at their home.

Police say Heetema was shot dead, his wife was bound, and the worker was shoved into a cupboard.

The black suspects made off with jewelry, a laptop, and cellphones. They also took Hettema’s life.

Since apartheid was replaced by the African National Congress in South Africa, thousands of white farmers have been murdered by blacks.

To view images of white farmers murdered by black thugs in South Africa, Google the search term “South Africa Farm Murders” and click on “images”.

A partial list of white South Africans murdered by blacks in recent years can be seen here.

• Among the victims are Billy van Rooyen and his father-in-law, Ronnie Lombard. The men were fatally shot by a group of black thugs toting AK47’s. The attackers reportedly wanted money. That crime occurred in northern KwaZulu-Natal on April 19, 2016. quoted a neighborhood watch spokesman as saying, “Last night we got wind that there had been an attack at a farm owned by Billy van Rooyen. When we got there, we established that a large group of men armed with rifles had stormed into the house and started shooting.”

Rooyen was 37-years-old. His father-in-law was 62.

• A month earlier 67-year-old farmer Anton Phillip Verwey was murdered in the same area.

Reports say six black males aged between 14 and 24 were apprehended. They made off with Verwey’s two bicycles, plasma TV, computer, laptop, cellphones and other belongings.

• 9-year-old Kayla Meyer was among the youngest of white farm families murdered by black thugs in 2016. The little girl lived on a small farm in Rodora, Randfontein.

Also killed in that attack were Monty McCormack, 73, his son Kennith McCormack, 42, Kennith’s fiancée Marietjie Meyer; Kayla’s mother.

Reports say the four were bludgeoned to death. That crime occurred on the night of March 9-10, 2016.

• Mpumalanga farmer Johannes van Zyl, 84, was beaten to death in January with his own crutches. The victim’s wife, 55-year-old Charlotte van Zyl, was also beaten and died in the hospital days after the attack.

Arrested for the murders was a 35-year-old Swazi national. The suspect was an employee on the farm in Dirkiesdorp near Piet Retief.

Not all victims of black-on-white farm attacks die.

• On June 20, 2016 two brothers were shot and two women were bound, strangled and beaten. The foursome were victims of a robbery.

The crime occurred in the Tongaat area outside Durban.

Reports say Arnoldus Goettsch and his brother Alko were milking cows when approached by five black males. The victims were forced into the farmhouse at gunpoint.

Arnoldus was shot multiple times in the head, back and shoulder and his brother was shot in the leg. Both were hospitalized in critical condition.

The thieves made off with a small truck.

• Days earlier another farmer was attacked in the same area. 79-year-old Simon Shepherd was hospitalized in intensive care after being beaten by intruders wielding clubs. His 78-year-old wife, Joy, was also beaten.

• An 80-year-old farmer was found seriously beaten north of Durban. Reports say three intruders tunneled under an electric security fence to gain access to the small farm.

The elderly farmer was beaten by a club. His wife was also beaten, but managed to fend off the intruders with a stick before they fled. Both victims were hospitalized in intensive care.

The thieves stole the victim’s gun and cash.

That attack occurred June 19, 2016.

• Another elderly couple were attacked on their farm in KwaZulu-Natal.

Reports say the couple, both in their seventies, were surprised as they prepared for bed by intruders. The victims were bound and assaulted. The thieves stole jewelry, cellphones, an Isuzu truck, cash and clothing.

The victims managed to free themselves and called police.

That crime occurred on April 11, 2016.

• Besides injuries and the useless loss of innocent lives, farm attacks in South Africa are punishing the nation’s struggled economy.

According to, farming is South Africa’s most dangerous occupation. Twice as many farmers are killed as police officers each year. reported that the number of commercial farms in South Africa would drop from 128,000 in 1980 to 15,000 by 2026. That drop not only endangers the nation’s food supply, but drastically reduces the number of jobs available in rural areas where farming is the leading employer. There are currently fewer than 40,000 commercial farms in South Africa.

During the apartheid era, South Africa was a major exporter of food. Today it relies on food imports to feed its population. What’s more, the population continues to expand as black Africans immigrate to the nation from poorly governed nations to the north.

In 1990 the nation’s population was 36,794,000. By 2015 it had grown to 54,490,000; a 48 percent increase.

Protecting South Africa’s white farming community should be a matter of national security.

Image:;johnny hurst; CC by SA-3.0

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