UNREAL: Police Memorial Was Up Not Even One Month… Then THUGS Did THIS

What thugs did to this police memorial for slain officers will make your blood boil. Do you think that when they are caught they should face severe consequences for this?

A memorial to police in Richmond, Virginia has been vandalized with a message referring to the police killing of a black man in Louisiana.

A large red ‘X’ was spray-painted on the torso of the statue of an officer carrying a child, and ‘Justice for Alton’ is written on the stones below, an apparent reference to 37-year-old Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge.

‘It’s a senseless act,’ said local resident H. Penn Burke, whose police father was slain in 1925, to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

‘In my opinion, children aren’t raised correctly correctly today to respect elders, to respect the parents, to respect teachers and especially to respect law enforcement,’ he added.

‘You may not agree with everything that happens in today’s world — but you need to learn to live together with your neighbors, you need to learn to live together with your parents, your teachers, and most importantly law enforcement.’


Watch the video below:

Read more: Daily Mail

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