WATCH: #BlackLivesMatter THUGS Find Out Where Black Trump Supporter Works … WATCH What They Do

The Left will stop at nothing to get their way through force and even violence. Does this seem ‘tolerant’ to you? When these #BlackLivesMatter thugs found out where this Trump supporter worked, they did something sick on social media. Check this out…

Black Lives Matter activists published the location of a Black Trump supporter online Tuesday after discovering him at his place of business.

The Trump supporter, 16-year-old Quaterrius Manuel, gained widespread recognition earlier this month after an encounter with another Black Lives Matter supporter went viral on YouTube.

The incident began after Manuel was seen by Twitter user @Dirty_Tan, who promptly began filming and offering to sell the young conservative’s work address to others.


“$20 I’ll tell y’all which location,” she tweeted.

Followers of @Dirty_Tan immediately responded by issuing threats toward Manuel while openly posting the name and address of his work.



If you don’t remember who Quaterrius Manuel is, he was the 16 year old who put this #BlackLivesMatter activist in his place:

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