Drug gangs shot 110 people in Chicago last week. Black men burned parts of Milwaukee after a black thug pointed a stolen gun at a black police officer and the officer shot him.

The Socialists blame the gun. They call it gun crime and gun violence. I’ve a better idea. Let’s blame the politicians who destroyed their cities. Instead of gun violence, let’s be more accurate. Let’s call it what it is. Call it Socialist violence.

Look at our deep blue cities. Blaming the gun hides their failed economy and the surge in drug use. True, drug gangs pull the trigger. It is true that gangs shoot each other and innocent victims. We have gangs because of our failed welfare policy and our failed drug policy. We have gangs because of our failed immigration policy. Drug gangs flourish when we’ve destroyed the family and the local economy. Those faults lie with our Socialists politicians.

Fixing those faults is hard. It is far easier for a Socialist politician to go in front of a camera and blame the gun. Our socialist media doesn’t bother to ask politicians the hard questions. Journalists don’t ask why violent crime is ten times higher in Saint Louis, Missouri than in comparably sized Mesa, Arizona. They don’t ask why violent crime is ten times higher in Baltimore, Maryland than in comparably sized El Paso, Texas. Compare Milwaukee to El Paso while you are at it. Philadelphia is seven times worse than San Diego. I’ll tell you why. The difference is in our laws. Socialist politicians build these failed cities. Socialists voters elected their politicians.

Socialist politicians in our deep blue cities blame the gun. That hides their failed families and failed government schools. Look at Chicago. Chicago politicians drove out businesses with their taxes, regulations and corrupt kickback schemes. Chicago politicians drove the middle class out of Chicago and imported an underclass. Chicago politicians destroyed the black family and the black culture. The policies of Socialist politicians gave us generations of fatherless boys who grow up in body, but not in spirit. These misfit men join gangs.

I blame the politicians. Their Socialist social policy destroyed Chicago, one broken life at a time. Chicago thugs set a new record with 110 people shot in one week. The shallow Chicago politicians proposed to raise the level of crushing taxation… again.

We elected these problem politicians into office. It is easier for Socialist voters to blame the gun than themselves.

Call it Socialist violence.

Image:; Derek Bridges

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