BREAKING: ‘Black Lives Matter’ THREATENS Protest At ELVIS’ House And In THIS Major City

If BLM wants us to take them seriously, they’re going to need to pick better martyrs.

BLM is throwing a party, planning for everyone to show up. One location is Graceland during “Elvis Week”. The other location is less surprising.

Why did they pick Graceland? No, not because it’s Elvis week, for free publicity. No, no, no. It’s because of who was killed there. The guy’s name was Darrius Stewart. When the officer opened the back door at the traffic stop, Darius attacked him. He grabbed the cuffs he was being arrested with and used them to attack the police officer. He was shot. The officer faced trial, but the Grand Jury did not convict him.

The other site was in the name of another winner. Remember the crazy chick who loaded a shotgun and pointed it at police? The one that also used her 5-year-old boy as a human shield? Cop shot her dead. (Shocker!) We have footage of the whole standoff, where you can see just how much of her crazy the police patiently put up with before she brought a weapon into it.

Oh. And that other location? Baltimore. Of course.

Share if BLM makes poster-children out of thugs because they can’t find REAL innocents to rally behind.

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