Justice for Sylville, you say? This footage says otherwise.

Now that everyone has a phone with a camera, it’s harder to make a story fit your lies.

Like the Milwaukee riots. It was justice for Sylville. Right? Not at all. Here’s footage of how the “protest” became a riot.

It began with the police forming a defensive line, and a crowd assembling in front of them. One guy in particular, was up front, whipping up the crowd.

Some timestamps of interest:

:45 “Ain’t no more Peace”

“Won’t cohabitate with white people! One of us gotta go”

1:45 “You’re our colour N***er, hanging with these (expletive)”

2:05 “Let’s start doing some S—!”

2:28 “They can’t take us all to jail!”

2:38 (Shields down order)

2:45 “It’s time for more N—— to die for something that matters! They just killed a black man! What the F— you all going’ do?

2:54 “Now ain’t no grabbin’ bottles! We ain’t grabbing’ Sh*t that ain’t lethal.”

3:10 (First “fall back” order)

Crowd continues to gather….

5:09 (Second fall back order) — police step back behind their parked vehicles.

6:11 (crowd) — Keep movin’ with them!

(break… time passes… video resumes. Sun has set. Police wall near where it was before)

6:45 Footage Resumes.

7:41 loud “crack” sound heard. Police still do not react.

time passes… taunts, including “Look! Everybody white!..
shouts of “Y’all don’t know SH*T about anybody

11: 15 police vans pull back, beyond police lines.

11: 49 — victorious crowd chanting: “Whose street? OUR STREET!”

Crowd gets rowdy.

12:30 — start hitting a police vehicle as it pulls away.

shouts of “whoooooooo”

Taunting gets louder. including Eff the police chants.

13:00 Violence erupts, start destroying police cars.

Is this REALLY about “justice” or are they just racists?

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