DANG: Black Panther Leader Says Trump is RIGHT – Is THIS A Game Changer?

Hey BLM: What’s your reaction to that awkward moment when a Black activist movement hammers the DNC?

Since there is obviously no common ground between the Black Panthers and Republicans, how are Hillary’s Media bodyguards going to spin this one?

Is the DNC ‘pimping’ black voters ‘like prostitutes’? If so, then that’s EXACTLY the point Trump has been making.

BLP leader Quanell X had a surprising perspective on Trump’s Milwaukee speech. He still doesn’t like Trump (paraphrased: you don’t have to like the vessel who spoke for the words to be true.)

Quanell X had harsh criticism for the Democrats generally, and Obama’s record in particular:

I ask us to truly examine what he said, because it is a fact that for 54 years, we have been voting for the Democratic party like no other race in America.

And they have not given us the same loyalty and love that we have given them. We as black people have to reexamine the relationship — where we are being pimped like prostitutes, and they’re the big pimps pimping us politically, promising us everything and we get nothing in return.”

…“Barack Obama, our president, served two terms. The first black president ever. But did our condition get better? Did financially, politically, academically, with education in our community, did things get better?

Are our young people working more than what is was before he came into office? The condition got worse. So now we as black people have to do and remember what the honorable Elijah Mohammed said. No politician can save the black community; we’ve gotta do it ourselves.”
Independant Journal Review

Share if Democrats only see Black voters as a stepping stone to positions of power.

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