DEAR ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’: Thousands Of Blacks Are SUFFERING In Louisiana Why Aren’t YOU Helping?

Massive flooding affecting thousands of Black lives vs. protesting the death of a thug. Which wins?

Well, which one advances the narrative of oppressed black people at the hands of police better?

The Louisiana State Police don’t help that narrative much:

Louisiana State Police are using helicopters to airlift drinking water and food to an estimated 1,500 motorists stranded by massive flooding on Interstate 12 for about 24 hours. Police first attempted to bring the supplies using high water vehicles and boats, but the floodwaters are too deep for the former and too uneven for the latter.
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This Louisiana man’s reaction sums it all up:

It’s easy to gather with your buddies holding your smartphone, shout glib protest chants, break things and watch yourself on your uploaded YouTube video. You can go home after. (Unless your neighbors burned it down during the protest.)

It’s much harder to see the devastation after this kind of flooding, aid with the clean up and help rebuild homes and lives.

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