Hey, BLM: Hillary’s Using a BLACK Man as a Scape Goat

The most whitely privileged queen of white privilege just threw a black man under a bus in a most epic way. That’s right, Madame White Privilege Herself Hillary Rodham Clinton just blamed her email scandal on Colin Powell, a black man.

“The black man made me do it”, is easily the most racist thing that’s been said in the 21st century and for that matter a large swath of the 20th century. Indeed, it harkens back to a day and age in which the Ku Klux Klan scared some white people into thinking that merely listening to African-American music could cause a white woman to succumb to a black man.

Or that merely being near a black person could cause “blackness” to rub off and next thing you know an otherwise perfect white person could be morally corrupted. The way Hillary says she was morally corrupted when General Colin Powell allegedly told her to use a private server because that’s what he had used.

Hey Black Lives Matter, real racism just called to see if you could give Milwaukee a break and pay Hillary a visit.

Really, the only reason Hillary came up with this excuse – and as excuses goes it’s a twisted one – is so that the weekend news shows will pick up a very tired narrative liberals love to use. It goes like this: sure, preferred liberal icon did X but Republican Y did it too so who are we to judge. And then everyone is supposed to engage in a round of gee whiz we’re all guilty aren’t we and that means who can judge what is and isn’t wrong when we’re all wrong so can’t we just bash Trump instead. While everyone is kumbaya’ing over the whole thing, ignored are the larger points:
– For someone that’s supposed to be so done with the whole email scandal thing, Hillary Rodham Clinton sure does seem to bring it up a lot. She just can’t get enough of her own email scandal now can she?

– What does it say about Hillary Clinton’s judgment, indeed her judgment as prospective President of the United States, if she makes snap decisions based on uninformed chit chat. They say Donald Trump is impulsive but when has he ever behaved this way? How do we know Hillary won’t nuke some unsuspecting country after someone jokes that she ought to over drinks on a Tuesday afternoon?

– Let’s say Colin Powell did in fact use a private server just like Hillary did. Prosecute him. No big deal. The law is the law. And if Colin Powell can be prosecuted can’t Madame White Privilege herself be prosecuted? (If Colin Powell was prosecuted and Hillary wasn’t, wouldn’t that bring into question James Comey’s objectivity in a string of Clinton scandals going back to Whitewater?).

– Since Hillary has stated that she doesn’t have “any idea how this works digitally” when it comes to email, that she openly pondered if one could wipe a server “like with a cloth or something”, and that she thought physical protection of her server was sufficient to keep hackers out of her emails (that’s right, she thought gates and armed guards kept hackers away…her words not mine), was Hillary smart enough to comprehend what Colin Powell may (or may not) have told her?

– Isn’t Colin Powell the living, breathing, definition of a RINO? Are there any right of center ideas he subscribes to? Nope. He’s a pro-choice, gun control, progressive statist, so no wonder he was close enough to the Clinton inner circle that he could allegedly talk servers with Madame Privilege.

But there’s a bigger point that’s as of this writing untouched as Hillary pins the blame on a black man: on what basis should anyone trust her when she says Colin Powell told her to do it? This after all is the same Hillary Rodham Clinton that:
– Said she tried to join NASA’s space program in the 1960s but was turned down.

– Said she spent the late 1960s/early 1970s undercover in Dothan, Alabama looking for racism.

– Said that in 1975 (and about a month before marrying Bill) she tried to enlist in the US Marine Corps but was turned down.

– Also in 1975 got a man who raped a twelve-year old girl off by slandering the victim. Hillary went on to laugh about this in a little seen interview.

– Somehow defied all odds and made a fortune her first and only time engaging in futures trading.

– Had a problem with the billing records at the Rose Law Firm.

– Claimed to have landed in the Balkans under sniper fire.

– Left the White House in 2000 “dead broke” and in debt.

– Claims all her grandparents were immigrants.

– Said her 2016 campaign would go “carbon neutral”.

– Claimed she and she alone fought for 9/11 responders health-care when she only pushed three pieces of legislation through the Senate during her eight years there, and those three bill named roads and a post office after people.

The list above is the low-hanging fruit. There are many, many more examples that can be added to the list. On that basis, why should anyone trust Hillary when she says a black man told her to do it? And isn’t it racist that she’s offered that as her latest excuse?

photo credit: SapphireNow 2010 via photopin (license); Tom Raftery

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