Hillary Plays The Race Card… ‘TRUMPED’ By Fact-Checker

Hey Hillary… are you CERTAIN this is the play you want to make? Ok then, you asked for it…

Hillary likes to ‘play cards’. She even joked about it, getting the mob to say it with her “Deal Me In!” The woman card and the race card seem to be the ones she likes best.

And her latest quote just continues the trend.

(Speaking of her opponent):

“He is taking hate groups Mainstream and helping the radical fringe take over the Republican party.”

Weird thing to say, that… ‘radical fringe’. It might *almost* remind us that radical is a term describing extreme LEFTIST positions. One that might remind us that Obama was the ranked as the furthest Left of any of the sitting Senators, even by CNN. Did we learn anything from that lesson?

And that is going so very, very well that CJ Pearson gave an impassioned plea to stop destroying the hopes of black communities, and contributing to alarmingly high unemployment among black youths.

Is she right to level such accusations against Trump? What is she saying, really?

Boiled right down, she’s calling Trump and/or his supporters racist. Specifically, the white variant associated with that infamous group that runs around in bedsheets and dunce caps.

For her to be right, it isn’t enough that he be endorsed by someone with those views — even reprehensible people are free to vote, and the secret ballot means they never need to explain who they support or way.

The REAL question is whether he is courting that vote, and specifically promising them something.

If Trump were the racist she claims, blowing a ‘dogwhistle’, would this montage video of non-whites so loudly endorse his candidacy? Specifically endorsing his position, for instance, on restricting immigration to those who enter America lawfully? Unlikely. In fact, it’s not hard to verify that Trump denounced the KKK.

Even so, Hillary made a commercial trying to link them.

The fact that she herself called ‘mentor’ a man who recruited 150 people to JOIN the KKK makes that commercial at best, dubious. Has SHE disavowed the KKK? After waxing so eloquently in praising one of their members?

Trump replied:

‘You’re racist, you’re racist, you’re racist,’ they keep saying it, ‘you’re racist.’ It’s a tired, disgusting argument, and it’s so totally predictable. They’re failing so badly. It’s the last refuge of the discredited Democrat politician. They keep going back to the same well, but you know what? The people are becoming very smart. They’ve heard it too many times before. The well is dry.” Politico

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But let’s dig deeper.

Who did Hillary have at the DNC? She had “mothers of the movement”.

Hillary is more than happy to ride the political clout of BLM, a group her sugar daddy (Soros) has poured boatloads of cash into. But when violence erupts against police and white people in the name of that movement, does she denounce it as racist? As extreme?

When they say don’t burn down our neighborhood… burn down the suburbs. Does she distance herself from BLM? Of course not. Because BLM is now mainstream.

What about other ‘fringe’ groups? Her own close advisor (Huma) and her mother both worked for a pro-Sharia journal. Nothing about Sharia law aligns with modern western definitions of freedom and equality between genders, or acceptance of people of different race, color or creed… or of other rights we now take for granted.

This doesn’t even go into the thugs who show up at Leftist events and attack political rivals, or smash windows or set things on fire.

Hell, Obama even started his run for President in the living room of an unrepentant terrorist.

Does ANYTHING Say ‘mainstream the radical fringe’ more than launching a run for President in the living room of someone who bombed an American police station?

If only we could figure out where all this anti-police sentiment is coming from.

Share if Hillary has FAR more to lose by playing this card than Trump does.

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