MILWAUKEE MAYHEM: Buildings And Cop Car TORCHED After Cop Kills ARMED Thug

If “Obama had a son”, would he look like this dead punk with the stolen handgun?

A traffic stop quickly became a foot chase when the two occupants of the car fled the scene. One had a stolen gun loaded with 23 rounds of ammunition. He was fatally shot by the police.

(The gun was stolen in a burglary.)

Making a hero of the criminal, crowds took up chants of “Black Power” and did the usual “peaceful protesting” BLM sympathizers have become famous for: smashing cop cars, burning down businesses (this time it was a gas station with 3 people trapped inside), that sort of thing.

Gas Station

Burned car

Obviously, the clips and tweets that follow have some rough language.

Watch as BLM protesters target whites:

Twitter delivered the victim’s own reaction to this.

Notice the little gun icon next to her name. Does this qualify as inciting a riot?

They smash cop cars.

Milwaukee PD Twitter:

Why? Because police stopped a criminal with a stolen gun. Because THAT makes sense.

Share if racial division in America is WORSE than it was BEFORE Obama took office.

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