PUSSIFICATION: Feminist Loses Her SH*T Over A Joke – SCREAMS, ‘Sexual Harassment!’

This is a real story, honest. We know it looks made up, but it’s real. Scout’s honor.

This feminist protester walks up to confront some guy that was interviewed by the news and he makes a stupid, tasteless joke. A very bad, tasteless joke.

She then goes MENTAL.

Someone should’ve warned that guy that having a penis is a trigger warning for that harpy, let alone joking about it.

Watch the raving feminist lose it:

Check out the description under the YouTube video:
Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.05.44 PM

Did you catch that?

She demanded that the police be called then REFUSED to cooperate with the Police when they arrived.

She’s also confused why Security is going after a her, the loud, screeching woman, instead of the guy that left quietly.

Maybe because she’s loud and screeching?

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