Thug Shoots At COPS, What His MOM Said Makes Her MOTHER OF THE YEAR!

Two cousins were arrested for shooting at a cop… what one thug’s mom says is PRICELESS!

Marquell Rentas, 17, and Trenton Nace, 18, were arrested after police responded to reports of gunshots near a cemetery around 3:30 am Friday. Their vehicle had come under fire. The teens face multiple charges including attempted murder of a police officer.

Luz Rentas, the mother of one of the teens, gave a written statement to a number of news organizations over the weekend. She knows where to put the blame:

Rather than blame those horrible, racist police officers for oppressing her children, she rightfully places the inspiration for her children’s behavior on the shoulders of the Black Lives Matter movement.

…“They are in jail for doing what Black Lives Matter wanted them to do: shoot at cops,” Luz Rentas wrote in a statement given to a number of news organizations over the weekend. “The truth is that these are two punk kids following the orders of an irresponsible organization and now they’re gonna pay for it.”
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