WATCH: Thugs Rob Young Dude – The WRONG Young Dude

Three thugs rob an 18-year-old at gunpoint. Even police are SHOCKED with what happens next.

The steps the victim took to make sure his robbers didn’t get away could land him behind bars too. Some actions don’t qualify as simple “self-defense”. Like this one:

Video from a New Mexico home caught two men running down the street when a black car hits them, launching one of the men into the air.

Police say just minutes before the crash, Chavez and his passenger were robbed by two men they hit. The robbery took place at a nearby park.

Police say the men robbed Chavez and his passenger at gunpoint before taking off on foot. Police say Chavez then followed the suspects in his car, and used his vehicle to run them over.

“You’re never excused when you’re using your vehicle as a weapon,” Rogers told KOAT-TV.
ABC Houston

Both of the thugs have minor injuries, and face charges.

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