BARACK OBAMA HAS BEEN Wildly Successful in This One Thing …

It could be argued that Barack Hussein Obama is one of America’s most successful presidents…ever.
Now, if you’re thinking I’ve reverted to my misspent youth and have started smoking something other than good Cavendish tobacco and the occasional decent cigar, let me offer an explanation.

Barack Hussein Obama has done what few politicians, from any party during any era, have ever done.
He kept a campaign promise. During his 2008 campaign, he promised to “fundamentally transform America.” Well, the SOB has done just that. Let me catalog seven distinct areas where he’s transformed this once great country by successfully destroying key areas.

1. Health care destroyed

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, is actually a law comprised of two separate parts. These are the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act (HCERA). In total, the law consists of 10, 535 pages. According to CNS News (Media Research Center): “For each word actually in the Obamacare law that Congress enacted, The Obama administration has written 30 more words in regulations indicating how it will be enforced”. Totaled up, that comes to 11,588,500 words, written by unelected bureaucrats. No one read all of this. But according to California nut job Nancy Pelosi, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it…” (That phrase has always made me think of why your doctor will ask for a stool sample…but I digress.)

What was in it was its total unaffordability for those who got stuck with it. What we found was a computerized sign-up exchange system that didn’t work, or quickly crashed when it did. What we found was that for the first time in American history, citizens were compelled to purchase a product from a government approved third party. What we found was that if you didn’t purchase insurance or already have insurance, you were fined through the IRS. What we also found out was that employers cut back on hiring because of the expense of Obamacare. And what we’re finding out now is that more and more insurance companies are dropping out of the system.

I also found out that my doctor now has to be a computer specialist as well as a doctor. It’s not about health…it’s about control.

2. Race relations destroyed

Race relations under Obama have been set back to a time well before Dr. King’s civil rights work in the 1960s. Racial politics have been part of the Democrats’ platform for over 100 years. Today, it’s estimated that close to 90% of blacks will vote Democrat. Entire libraries have been written trying to explain why this is so, especially when you look at our inner cities, black unemployment, black-on-black crime, etc.

Let’s look at some highly sensationalized examples of where Obama has failed as a racial unifier.

— Obama criticized the Cambridge (Mass) Police Dept. during their brief interaction with Dr. Gates. This was an incident that did not require presidential intervention.
— Obama again inserted himself in the Travon Martin case, saying that if he had a son, he’d look like Travon. No mention of Martin’s thug behavior.
— Speaking of thug behavior, let ‘s also ignore the fact that Michael Brown was videotaped robbing a convenience store and roughing up the clerk. Let’s ignore the fact that Brown then went after a policeman’s gun. Obama ignored all of this…and we now have what is called The Ferguson Effect. (Continued in Boston and now Charlotte.)
— The president’s inaction in addressing any of this has led to the rise of Black Lives Matter and subsequent attacks on police. Racism was also brought up in the Flint, MI water crisis. In other words, wherever you look, whatever is happening in our cities, racism is the cause. Obama has done nothing to stop it, especially when he as the first African-American president is perhaps the one person with any real power to stop the mayhem and chaos that’s becoming too commonplace.

3. Military (practically) destroyed

According to the Heritage Foundation, U.S. military power for the individual service branches is rated as the following: Army-weak; Navy, Air Force, Marines-marginal; nuclear-marginal. The Heritage Foundation goes on to explain that this means that our military is “…marginally able to meet the demands of defending America’s vital interest. Overall, in aggregate, the United States military posture as rated marginal is trending toward weak.”

In regard to the Army, we now have fewer active duty soldier than we did right before WWII. Current number is 479,000. This number is projected down to 450,000 by 2018. (According to Army Times magazine). Combined armed forces (all branches) is 1,301,300, with an additional 811,000 in the several different reserve branches.

Under Obama, more high ranking personnel have either retired or been dismissed. This drain on military know-how and experience is going on while Iran seeks nuclear weapons…and North Korea already has them.

We are weak while China is gaining strength in the South China Sea, and Putin’s Russia is conducting land grabs aimed at putting the old Soviet Union back together. We have taken our missile defense systems out of Eastern Europe, while at the same time we have socialist countries in our own hemisphere.

4. Economy destroyed

Okay, so it’s not totally destroyed yet, but let’s take a look at some pretty sobering numbers.
a.) National debt as of September, 2016 is $19,481,571,141,222. By contrast, on G.W. Bush’s last day in office in Jan., 2009, the debt was $10.626 trillion. By the time Obama is out of office, the debt will surpass $21 trillion.

b.) Unemployment as of June 2016 was 4.9%. (CNN Money) However, that’s a deceiving number. The labor Force Participation Rate is only 62.7 %. It hasn’t been this low since the late 1970s. (While retirees and college students are factored into this number, it does include the 2.9 million who have just given up looking for work.)

c.) According to the Heritage Foundation, since Obama came into power, 20,600+ new regulations have been placed on American businesses. Keep in mind, these regulations were not acts of Congress, but instead were written by unelected Obama administration bureaucrats.

d.) Include in this business climate all the “social engineering” that’s been taking place. By that, I mean seeing businesses have to submit to LGBT and Muslim demands. In most cases, failure to submit means the end of the business. This is not a healthy business climate for start-ups and even established firms in certain fields.

Please take note, while this is Part One of the article, it should be remembered that all the failures and destruction caused by the Obama administration will be continued under a Hillary Clinton presidency…if not made worse.

Image: by janeb13;; CC0; Public Domain

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