BLM CHARLOTTE: The DIRTY Little Secret They Don’t Want You To Know…(VIDEO)

THESE are the people whose ‘pain’ the Lynch ‘feels’? You might want to think that statement, Loretta.

Think BLM is just a harmless grassroots movement? Ordinary people tired of an unjust situation, and rising up to make themselves heard?

If that were true, don’t you think some of them would be… you know… local?


‘These are outside entities causing problems…’

‘These are not protesters… they are criminals…’

‘Protesters fight for a cause’

‘…Instigators are coming from the outside…’

‘… on busses from out-of-state …’

(Watch the video and see JUST HOW HIGH The % of arrested with OUT-OF-STATE-ID were.)

I guess NOW we know what BLM has been spending all those Sugar-Daddy-Soros $Millions on, don’t we?

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