BREAKING: Psycho Attacks Cop With MEAT CLEAVER – Guess His RELIGIOUS Affiliation

‘That escalated quickly’ — the phrase certainly applies in this case. We have the video to prove it.

Over a parking boot:


A longer clip reporting the events is found here:

Quick summary: guy finds a boot on his car, and tries to remove it manually. Because OBVIOUSLY he’s the first person EVER to think of that solution, instead of, let’s say, parking correctly or paying the fine.

Then he attacks a cop with a meat cleaver — hitting him in the head and leaving him critically injured.

He ran. He was tased — to no apparent effect (are you taking notes, BLM sympathizers?) and eventually taken down by a hail of gunfire.

“You have a character running down the street waving a meat cleaver,” Bratton said.

When he refused to drop the implement, a sergeant stunned him with a Taser, but Joudeh continued running west, police said.

Near Seventh Avenue, Joudeh climbed onto an NYPD squad car but was tackled by O’Donnell, who sustained a 6-inch gash during the mayhem, police said.
New York Post

Maybe he couldn’t think of a better way to get out of paying the fine?

Akram Joudeh, who was living in the car, struck Detective Brian O’Donnell with the 11-inch blade, leaving a gash from his temple to his throat, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

Joudeh, 32, who has numerous arrests, was left splayed out in a pool of blood on West 32nd Street near Broadway.

Joudeh has 15 prior arrests, including one on July 27 after he was found carrying knives near a synagogue in the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn. His last known address was in Queens, though police say he may have been living in his car.

The other arrests stretching back to 2009 include charges for driving while impaired by drugs, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing with a weapon and criminal trespassing, sources said.
NBC New York

And yes, he’s reported by the Telegraph to be — wait for it — Muslim.


We have a ‘thin blue line’ to stand between crazies like this and the rest of us.

Professional agitators would do well to remember that.

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