DISGUSTING: Black Teen BEATS 5yr. Old Girl – What He Said Will Make You LIVID

He’s a lawless, aggressive bully that takes no personal responsibility. If BLM is hiring, he’s just their type.

Look how school officials side with the seventeen-year-old thug (on probation), and not the little girl with the slap mark on her cheek.

Surveillance footage shows 17-year-old Tavon Walters reach over a bus seat and use another student’s hand to hit 5-year-old Jasmine Peters on the right side of her face.

“He had reached over that seat and he was telling another girl that ‘if you don’t hit her then I’m going to hit her for you,’” said Peters.

However, Bamberg District superintendent Phyllis Schwarting appeared to defend the assault, remarking, “The behavior on the bus was not any more abnormal than most buses.” [emphasis added]

…The school’s insistence that the assault was “not abnormal” and their attempts to absolve Walters of blame will play into charges by some that black-on-white violent assaults are being covered up in order to defend a leftist consensus that African-Americans are the victims of a racist white America.

The discrepancy between the video and the photo can be explained if the photo was horizontally flipped.

Hey, school board. If you are confused whether a 17-year-old young man slapping a 5-year-old girl is ‘normal’ here’s two ways you could test it.

And what is a seventeen-year-old on probation doing in a bus with young children in the first place?

Would YOU be charged with assault if YOU did the same thing? (You’d better believe it!)

Would it be a major headline if the instigator were someone other than a ‘troubled black teen’, or (more tellingly) if the attacker and victim had skin color reversed?

When you answer yes to those questions, you’ve just admitted that you are protecting a 17-year-old on PROBATION at the expense of the personal safety of a vulnerable 5-year-old girl.

But ‘If Obama had a son” … right?

Share if you agree that cowardly ‘leaders’ endanger kids just to appease the BLM ‘justice’ bullies.

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