DISGUSTING: This ENTIRE Football Team, Including The Coaches, DISRESPECT The National Anthem

The ‘Kaepernick’ Virus is spreading. More Social Justice Warriors refuse to stand for the anthem.

This is what happens when you put an idiot on a pedestal.

Kaepernick’s ongoing protest has emboldened other idiots to follow suit.

In this case, a good Coach should have told these kids that this is stupid.

Watch the disrespect:

Here is Head Coach, Joey Thomas discussing the protest:

Coach Thomas said the decision ot protest was ‘student-led’ and that they will continue all season.

These are High School kids, they need guidance. High school kids do stupid things. (Think about when YOU were in High School.)

What exactly is the protest for again? Oh, right! The ‘racist police’ that kill black people.

Should law enforcement stop defending themselves against the thugs that attack them?

Maybe there needs to be a difficult conversation about crime rates in black communities and the many black kids recruited into gangs in the inner cities.

Maybe all these football protesters should stand up and volunteer to be a mentor to some of those at-risk kids.

That would accomplish way more than kneeling for the anthem.

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