HAJJI GOES … BOOM!: Watch ISIS Try To Run From A U.S. Missile

Is blowing up terrorists serious work? Or are we allowed to have some fun with it?

To be sure, the military life is serious work. Life and death decisions. Danger around every corner. Maintaining excellence when your Commander-in-Chief is weapons-grade stupid.

But can we blame them for having a lighter side? Like this video, where they have a touch of fun in a very serious moment. Watch:

Considering this crowd beheads women and children, puts people in cages to burn to death and sells people as sex slaves after having ‘their way’ with them? is there any BETTER enemy worth taunting than these guys?

You can be sure their victims were cheering.

US military taunts ISIS

Well, enjoy the video, in case you want to join their celebration of a job well done.

And here’s one more pic to show we aren’t kidding:

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 8.44.00 AM

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