IDIOT: Anti-Cop, Black Lives Matter ‘Leader’, Gets Robbed – Now He’s Singin’ A Different TUNE

BLM leader ‘mugged by reality’. “WHAT DO WE WANT?” — Wait… Is it too late to change my answer?

The tired quote is that a conservative is a liberal who was mugged by reality.

Today, we welcome Houston’s ‘Jerry Ford Jr.’ to reality… well, sort of.

(Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean.)

Baby steps, Jerry. baby steps.

Isn’t this EXACTLY what conservatives have said to anti-cop protestors all along? You claim to hate the cops until someone commits a crime against YOU personally?

He had his phone and wallet stolen.

What is his first instinct? Even though this address is not actually ON Campus?


Because he was robbed at gunpoint by a black man.


BLM can’t even see their own hypocrisy. SHARE THIS to help them out.

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