LMAO: Thug Videos Cop ‘Targeting For Him Being BLACK’ – Accidentally Videos HIMSELF Hiding His …

He says police tried to arrest him ‘for being black on a Friday.’ His phone told a different story…

A Texas man pulled over on traffic violations says he was unfairly target by police and took it to Facebook Live video to capture his interaction with cops.
But officers say he incriminated himself in footage of the incident, filming as he tried to hide drugs from police officers.
Dominique Desha Green, 24, faces 11 charges, including drug possession, related to the Friday traffic stop in Dallas, the Dallas News reported.
In the broadcast, Green says he was scrolling through his phone while at an AutoZone parking lot when an officer approached him.

He refused to talk to the first officer on scene, and insisted he talk to the sergeant, so he radioed in and they waited. While they waited, he continued live-streaming. He probably wishes he ha dn’t.

‘They’re just f***ing with me because I’m young, black — and on the wrong side of the neighborhood,’ Green said.
A number of police officers can be seen in the video surrounding Green’s car.
Near the video’s 10-minute mark, Green is heard doing something with the driver’s door, although the action is off-camera.
Police says that’s when Green stashed cocaine in the driver’s side door.
‘I’m glad I didn’t get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of s**t,’ he says in the video.
Cops say they used that clue from the video to find the drugs.

…officers found he had previously been convicted of marijuana possession and evading authorities by giving a false name, the Dallas News reported.
He is seen in the video arguing with the cop who pulled him over, Officer Kristopher Trotter — and later spat on his face while being arrested, police said.
Green also tried to kick out the window of the police car, and later continued at yell at the officer who arrested him.

..Police say Green also threatened to kill Officer Trotter and his wife, and to sexually assault his daughter.
‘When I get out I’m going to hunt you down,’ he said, according to the Dallas News.
Green is being held at Dallas County Jail on $229,500 bail

Daily Mail

Such a charming young man. Why would anyone have it in for him?

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