LMAO: Watch Gary Johnson Go FULL Retard During Interview

Gary, Gary, Gary. The more we watch you speak, the sadder it gets. This is just beyond words.

Gary Johnson: Libertarian-ish.

Remember the kerfuffle when Gary was questioned about having Jews bake a Nazi cake? He really stepped in it that time.

Well, looks like stepping in it is just something that Gary does!

Watch Gary lose his sh!t over an honest question here:

Gary: ‘Undocumented, actually. If you call them ‘illegal’ that is very incendiary to our Hispanic population here.’

…Interview continues, Gary gets riled up….

Interviewer: ‘Is it an illegal act to enter the country in violation of our immigration laws?’

Gary: (pause… pause) Technically, yes.

Looks like we’ll have to update our article, ‘5 Reasons Not to Vote for Gary Johnson’. Now we have 6!

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