NASCAR Hall of Fame LOOTED By Charlotte Thugs

For those of us not ‘in the know’ please explain the connection between ‘justice’ and ‘destroying your city’?

Here’s what we’re seeing happen in the name of your ’cause’.

We saw the story about an unconscious journalist rescued from a mob trying to burn him alive. That was apparently because ‘black lives matter’.

We watched a guy steal a pair of shoes from a truck… ‘because black lives matter’.

People looted the Hornets team store… ‘because black lives matter’.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame was looted? Because ‘black lives matter’.

Here’s what CRVA said about the damage to NASCAR Hall of Fame:

Break open a cash register and take what’s inside?

That’s in the name of Justice, yo … because ‘black lives matter’.

News clips show more rage and violence.

One civilian is clinging to life after being shot by another civilian. (‘…because black lives matter’.)

The reporter’s claim that ‘family members are calling for peace’ should be weighted against evidence that they were actually the ones who incited the riot. Why? Because ‘black lives matter’.

(Flashback: CNN was forced to apologize caught editing footage to claim family members in Milwaukee were calling for peace, when they were REALLY inciting violence.) Why? Because ‘black lives matter’.

People chuck rocks at cars from an overpass. Because ‘Black lives matter.”

The guy we see these protests over? We’ve got a photo of his ‘book’. It looks a lot like a gun.


Really, guys?

Do you still wonder why we think your movement sucks?

Share if you think that VIOLENCE and THEFT in reaction to outright LIES are a REALLY stupid way to promote ‘justice’.

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