NOT RACIST: BLM Thugs Attack 2 Teen Sisters Because They Are WHITE

Where does THIS fit in the ‘narrative?’.

If those teen sisters were black, this would be a national story.

Watch the CBS 13 News Report:

Stockton police are searching for the suspects in a vicious attack that happened on Friday against two teenaged sisters.

Police say a group of protestors wearing Black Lives Matter shirts held a vigil and a protest near the intersection of Pacific and Yokuts avenues.

..What was supposed to be a peaceful protest remembering Colby Friday turned into a vicious brawl directed against two sisters, and now, investigators are looking for suspects.

“Our understanding is that it involved several out-of-towners whose intent was more than protesting,” said Ron Freitas, the Assistant District Attorney for San Joaquin County.

Thank you, Mr. President, for that ‘racial healing’ you were elected to bring… And George Soros (Hillary’s Sugar-Daddy) for bankrolling these and other social agitator groups with millions of dollars.

The girls who got beat on by the crowd of thugs? They must surely be grateful, too.

Share if this doesn’t look like a ‘peaceful protest’ at all.

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