PANSY OBAMA Breaks Silence About Charlotte… STILL Kissing BLM ASS

At least he’s consistent… consistently wrong. Look how tone-deaf Obama was about the riots:

The poor dear actually thinks the riots are about JUSTICE and not the racial tension he’s spent the last 8 years fomenting!

Protesters angry over the police killings of unarmed black men won’t prompt change through violence, President Barack Obama said during an interview Thursday.

…”The way we change the system requires us to be able to reach out and engage the broader American community. And that requires being peaceful,” Obama said during an interview with ABC News. “The overwhelming majority of people who have been concerned about police community relations doing it the right way. Every once in awhile, you see folks doing it the wrong way.”

…”I think it’s important to separate out the pervasive sense of frustration among a lot of African-Americans about shootings of people and the sense that justice is not always always, you know, colorblind,” he said.

…Clinton spoke with Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Democratic North Carolina Rep. Alma Adams, whose district includes Charlotte, about the shooting and protests today, a Clinton aide said. They discussed “steps we must take to ensure that everyone is respected by the law, and everyone has respect for the law,” the aide added.

Hey OBAMA… remember when you stood before the world and accused the entire American police force of ‘systemic racism’?

We have cops taking CLEAVERS to the FACE and you’re spreading the lies that add a TARGET to their BACKS?

With lopsided rhetoric like that from their own PRESIDENT, is it ANY WONDER police were shot like dogs in the street in Dallas?

WTF? justice is not always always, you know, colorblind, is that something a President … ANY President should say to DEFUSE RIOTING?

(Glass houses, Mr. President. Your own track record on picking sides before ANY knowledge of the facts skewes pretty sharply by race.)

YOU told the people to believe the ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ lie… even when evidence disproved it.

YOU filled the stage at your party’s convention with mothers of dead thugs, HONORING them.

Have you forgotten, Mr President?

YOU hold the bully pulpit, and (if it were politically expedient for you) could DISPROVE the LIES from which BLM draws it’s power.

‘If it saves just one life’ you keep saying. There’s a man in critical codition after the riots who need never have been shot. If you didn’t keep giving this lawless group — BLM — the oxygen it needs, this would be OVER.

Unless this is actually the outcome you were looking for in the first place…?

Are we cynical to believe that? Let’s see if you take steps to defuse the racial tension, first.

If you refuse to do that, then maybe this result isn’t from your ineptitutde.

Share if Carter’s ‘worst president ever’ title is now in serious danger.

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