#PUSSIFICATION: Poor Little Liberals Are Losing Their MINDS Over Donald Jr.’s SKITTLES Tweet

Hillary Clinton accuses Trump of Treason, the media carries her water. Her opponent’s SON tweets about CANDY, and it’s International Headline News.

Funny what gets people wrapped around the axle isn’t it?

If you didn’t know, (or didn’t care, because he’s not actually — you know — RUNNING for office) Trump’s son tweeted about Skittles.

Skittles is upset. Leftists are upset. Immigrants are upset.

And this is once again proof of (a) the deep flaws in the public education system (b) the guilty-until-proven-innocent view The Media (Democrat) has toward the Right, and (c) Leftists — except when they set out on a witchhunt — only expose themselves to ideas with which they agree.

The last one is the easist to prove. If Trump’s son is guilty of anything, it’s of borrowing someone else’s meme. Which anyone on social media at all has done at some point. That’s what makes viral posts go ‘viral’.

People have been making some variation of the ‘how many do you eat’ Skittles meme for months now, in response to the question of immigration. If the media read anything other their own political slant, they would surely have come across this before now.

So, if you like — ‘boo, hiss, copycat meme user!’ — feel better now?

The bigger problem is Americans have completely lost their ability to understand an analogy. It’s the simplest device that uses a story to teach ideas, and we’ve lost any sense of how to apply it. Let’s quickly go through it together.

Some pundits are saying he got it all wrong, it’s 10,000 refugees to (pick a small number) that will kill you. So Trump Jr is WRONG! Headline!

Slow down, Sherlock. It’s an analogy, not a science experiment. Try not to mistake your arrogance for intelligence.

A bowl of skittles vs.` just three that will kill you.

Notice the proportions. He acknowledges that MOST of the candy in that bowl are not only harmless but desirable. The OVERWHELMING majority, in fact.

Some smartass actually counted the number of Skittles in a bag to ‘disprove’ Donald Trump Jr.

Did that change the Lots versus few point? No. It was quibbling about numbers.

The point was that if there is ANY risk AT ALL of severe consequences for eating this candy, you do not take the risk.

He could have made EXACTLY the same argument with Halloween candy.

‘PROBABLY’… nobody has tampered with it.

But because there was SOME tampering with Halloween candy DECADES ago, parents CHECK the candy before letting their kids eat it.

Parents are the VETTING process to make sure the candy is harmless.

NOW do you understand?

Sure you do. Only a pussy would still be confused. But there’s hope for them, too.:

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