PUSSIFICATION: Ridiculous Bill Calls For ENDING Military CIGAR Donations

The ‘Nanny State’ strikes again! This time, our troops aren’t permitted to receive premium cigars that are DONATED. Nevermind that they’re requested…

Let’s not permit this pussification of the military continue.

U.S. Representative Kathy Castor, D-Florida, is fighting to get premium cigars back in the hands of American troops. According to Rep. Castor, the FDA’s new tobacco rules prohibit cigar companies from donating cigars to U.S. soldiers. Castor is strongly against this ban, and yesterday filed H.R. 5955, a bill that would once again allow for the charitable contribution of premium cigars to U.S. soldiers serving the country around the globe…

…Storm Boen, chairman of the nonprofit organization Cigars for Warriors, estimates that premium cigars are the number one most requested item for deployed men and women of the U.S. Armed forces.

“Every month we ship out an average of 25,000 premium cigars and 100 percent of those are requested,” Boen said.

Since the FDA’s cigar regulations went into effect, Boen says that many manufacturers and retailers have stopped donating cigars to his organization, fearing legal recourse from the FDA. The mission of Boen’s nonprofit, as well as many other similar organizations, is to get premium cigars to U.S. troops deployed around the globe.
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Whether you’re in the military or not, you can still get your hands on a premium cigar:

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Have a cigar and grab yourself a good book.

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