QUESTION: Is HATE SPEECH About ‘Fairness’ … Or Is It Just A PC TRAP?

We live in a day and age in which Lena Dunham, Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, and who knows how many other progressive celebs have promised they’ll move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected President.

Nobody’s asking: why Canada and not Mexico?

Is it the language barrier? I hope not. I thought progressives were all about learning additional languages. (Yours truly once lived in Spain and had to learn and use Spanish routinely; it isn’t that hard). Of course, they want everyone else to learn additional languages. They must all be too busy attending Hillary fundraisers to pick up a copy of Rosetta Stone and figure it out.

Maybe it’s all those brown people that live south of the border. You know the ones. The ones all those progressive celebs say should be able to waltz across America’s southern border at will and enjoy all the bennies of citizenship – including the right to vote – with or without actually being citizens.

That progressives would be racists shouldn’t come as a surprise. Take a look at Colin Kaepernick. Nine figure paycheck. Raised by white parents. He’s everything a leftist claims to hate. And all the sudden he wants to come out as an activist. Which is fine if that’s what he wants to do. Liberals are free to be as stupid as they wanna be.

But how do liberals get a pass for defending Kaepernick’s right to take a knee during the anthem when these are the same liberals that defend safe zones as suitable protections against trigger warnings at institutions of higher learning. If Kaepernick were taking a knee to protest Barack Obama would the left have his back? Nope.

Speaking of institutions, how about the media. If that bunch isn’t certifiably nuts, who is? While they preen about, pretending to be the “fourth branch of government” or whatever it is these sycophants think they are, they ignore progressive politicians who openly slam them in public. Secretary of Personality John Kerry speaking recently in Bangladesh actually said:

“Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much…people wouldn’t know what’s going on”.

That’s right. John Kerry actually let his inner Melissa Click slip out as he wished openly for the media to ignore “it”, which in this case referred to terrorism, so that people would have no earthly idea radical Islamists were engaged in a systematic and global killing spree.

Melissa Click by the way is one of those safe zone loving, trigger-warning believing, college journalism professors that got caught at Mizzou asking student activists for “some muscle” to eject a student journalist from reporting racially driven protests on the Mizzou campus.

While you try and wrap your mind around the idea of a journalism professor begging thuggish tactics be employed to eject one of her journalism students from a Black Lives Matter protest, it gets better. Although Mizzou fired her after additional footage emerged of her possibly assaulting a police officer, she was just hired by Gonzaga where presumably she’ll behave just as she did at Mizzou.

In short, the level of hypocrisy emanating from stage left these days is staggering. The sad part is, virtually no one is calling progressives to account for it.

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Andrew Allen

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