SH!T JUST GOT REAL: Black Dallas Cop Leads LAWSUIT Against MAJOR Race-Baiters

You won’t BELIEVE who made the defendants list!

Truth to POWER, indeed! This guy’s got GUTS.

A Dallas police sergeant outraged at continued riotous activity and attacks on law enforcement officers filed a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter organization and a number of officials he said are culpable for an increase in anti-cop violence and unrest in the US.

“They are responsible for starting a race war in this country” Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, who is also black, told Elizabeth MacDonald on Risk and Reward.

A lot of people completely miss the point of Black Lives Matter movement. Their website talks about black liberation.

In addition to the group, he is suing at least five national or international figures he says bear some of the responsibility for supporting or “facilitating” Black Lives Matter activity.

The list includes President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, MSNBC host and activist Al Sharpton, Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.
Fox News

Yes, that’s right … he’s named THESE People!

That takes cojones!


Here’s the interview:

He’s saying that the real problem is the ‘Black Liberation’ at the root of the Black Panther party. (Does ‘Black Liberation’ sound familiar? It should. Remember Obama’s ‘Pastor‘?

Naturally… this guy got death threats from the Black Panthers.

Share if it’s time SOMEBODY finally stood up to the political thugs who’ve been whipping up racial strife.

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