VIDEO: 71yr. Old WHITE Man Is Out Watering His Lawn, Watch What BLACK Thug Does

Should someone have to live in fear of thugs in his own front yard? In THIS American city, the answer is ‘yes’.

Hey BLM… where are your hashtag campaigns ‘justice for…’ now?

Are you going to cry out for justice for the 71 year old man robbed and shot in his own front yard while watering his lawn? What about cries that this is a cruel hate crime?

And while we’re at it, let’s ask Obama…

Didn’t you already ‘organize’ the community in Chicago? So what went wrong? The cop says the punks who did this ‘have no hope’.

How is that even possible? The last 8 years were all about hope and change… right?

Share if Chicago is PROOF that Liberal ‘leadership’ only makes things worse.

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