VIDEO: Charlotte P.D. Releases OFFICIAL Report of Scott Shooting – Pictures of His GUN And MORE

Will Keith Scott STILL be a ‘martyr’ of ‘the cause’ once THESE details become public?

The police have released their official report. With pictures.


…and the gun was LOADED…

…Any questions?

First, the video everyone was waiting for, and many called inconclusive:

The Physical evidence that tells the rest of the story.

Here is the tweet:

Officers say they weren’t concerned about the drugs until they noticed that Scott had a gun with him, according to police. But after an officer “observed Mr. Scott hold a gun up,” police put on marked vests to identify themselves as officers, police added.

A summary of the report:

The officers say they identified themselves as police and gave Scott orders to drop the gun, which he refused. A uniformed officer tried to use a baton to break out a window on Scott’s SUV, the narrative states.

Police say the man got out of the SUV, with the gun, and backed away while ignoring the demands to drop it.

Perceiving Scott’s actions as an “imminent physical threat,” Officer Brentley Vinson fired his weapon at Scott, according to the statement. Both Vinson and Scott are black.

Police say detectives interviewed witnesses, who confirmed that Scott hadn’t complied with officers’ demands.

The report also says forensic examination shows Scott’s DNA and fingerprints on the loaded gun retrieved from the scene and that Scott was wearing an ankle holster.

Pictures of the book gun:

Of the holster:

Of ‘medication’ he had just taken for his brain injury:

That critical detail again:


Share if the thug-loving looters – and the media that whipped them up — have a lot to answer for.

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