VIRAL: Watch What Happens When WHITE Bro Protests In BLACK Neighborhood

Wow. THAT escalated quickly.

One on-the-street guy with a video camera tries a social experiment.

(Joey Salads, if your not familiar with him, does a lot of crazy video stunts.)

First, he stands in a predominantly white neighborhood with a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign and tries to get reactions from passsers-by.

Three words.
Block letters.
No editorial.

Some walk on by. Others stop and talk to him. Some agree with what his doing, others don’t…

… some of the ones who don’t disagree with his sign for reasons that would surprise some.

They’d surprise Hillary Clinton, Ms ‘inherent bias’ for sure.

Then he took the equivalent sign …. ‘All Lives Matter’ …and repeated the experiment in a predominantly BLACK neighborhood.

The results were…shall we say… interesting.

Suddenly, we’ve got context for the rage we’re seeing in the riots.

The race baiters have much to answer for.

No wonder BLM and friends are getting sued.

Share if BLM agitaters need to take a good hard look at the monster they’re creating.

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