WATCH: Black Lives Matter THUGS Attack 71yr. Old TRUMP Supporter – No Word From CNN

‘PHILADELPHIA: Agist BLM thug bullies septuagenarian’ is not a story that’s going to be covered by CNN. But it happened. Watch…

We’re told that Black Lives Matter are ‘peaceful protesters’ despite the violence that often follows their protests.

On Friday, Trump was in Philadelphia visiting with Black leaders, and of course, there were protests. BLM was there.

Jerry Lambert, 71-year old Trump supporter, was also there with his hand-made ‘Democrat for Trump’ sign. A young man, Asa Khalif, part of the BLM protest, grabbed the sign out of his hands and eventually ripped it up. There was a scuffle, and police stepped in. Lambert was then escorted away by police.

Watch the video of the altercation:

Protests and counter-protests are part of what defines us as freedom-loving Americans.

One person has the right to share their views, and one has the right to share an opposing view.

No one has the right to be a violent jackass.

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