WATCH: ‘Black Lives Matter’ THUGS Attack Trump Supporter For This STUPID Reason

Why is a movement supposedly fighting for ‘justice’ so consistently unjust to anyone they decide is their ‘enemy’?

Check out this video where a guy shows up at a rally. He thought he was going to a ‘peaceful protest’ connected to the death in El Cajon. He showed up as an observer, and things went South in a hurry.

As the recording begins, he is standing among the protesters and he is watching the rally. His phone catches unfolding events.

It’s pretty obvious the ‘protesters’ don’t like his red hat: ‘Make America Great Again’.

They begin to cuss him out and knock down his hat. Watch how he responds without engaging or provoking them.

He quickly becomes a lightning rod for their hate. They knock him down and attack him.

Notice his completely passive reaction to their aggression. No hitting back. No arguing or name calling. Nothing of the kind.

Then the police show up. In light of the events… caught on camera.. you won’t believe the kinds of questions they ask him!

Then the news shows up. Predictably, they ask why he would wear that hat.

Which, of course, he gave a very American answer to.

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