WATCH: Obama Drinks From A Coconut With A Straw – Try Not To LAUGH!

Now that Obama’s back from vacation, he’s on Presidential business in Laos. Watch him go ‘full tourist’, with coconut in hand.

Hitting the tourist trail, President Obama toured a Buddhist temple and enjoyed a refreshment from a coconut during his historic visit to Laos.

Making the first trip to the nation as a sitting president, Obama paid tribute to Lao culture and said the US would fulfill its ‘profound moral and humanitarian obligation’ to clean up millions of unexploded bombs.

The president also met a survivor maimed by American bombs covertly dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War.

Obama visited Luang Prabang in the mountainous north, a UNESCO World Heritage site that was a hub for Buddist faith during the Lan Xang kingdom starting in the 14th century.

His first stop in the city was Wat Xieng Thong, a 16th century complex of ornate gold buildings known as the ‘Temple of the Golden City’.

Greeting the temple monks, Obama tried to shake hands with about 20 boys in bright orange robes, but was informed by his guide they weren’t supposed to shake hands.

Instead, he posed for a group photo before heading to a shop to buy gifts for daughters Sasha and Malia.

After emerging with three bags, Obama went to a nearby coconut stand and drank from one of the fruits through a straw.
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