WATCH: ‘All White People Are F-CKING Devils’ – Charlotte RIOTERS Promise To KILL Whites

If you changed the word ‘white’ to ‘black’ that would be racism. Good thing that isn’t the case here.

If Obama had a son, he’d look like this.

This family member of the man that was fatally shot by police in Charlotte expresses his views on police and white people in general. What a peach!

Check out what the family of Keith Lamont Scott has to say:

Here it is, folks. For all the ‘F***ing White Devils’:

It’s been reported that this guy said, ‘When we start firing back, don’t ask why’. That’s not what he said. He said, ‘When we start firing first, don’t ask why.’


Read more about what happened in Charlotte here.

Here’s what happened throught the eyes of Twitter:

It’s a good thing that politicians aren’t stoking the flames of racism by engaging in over-the-top rhetoric:


The Police are under constant criticism over every incident.

We hate to bring up this report again, but apparently, not everyone has read it.

Is it too much to ask that we examine the facts of a case before BLM protesters start burning things?

Is it wrong to say that racism against whites does not eliminate racism against blacks?

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