WOW: Columnist Calls Hillary, ‘A P*SSY’ – Here’s The IRREFUTABLE Reason Why

Nobody’s responsible for anything anymore.

Just ask them.

They’ll tell you real quick that it’s not their fault and it’s not their job… man.

From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to West Florissant Avenue, the buck gets passed on more than Larry the Cable Guy does when he auditions for a Victoria’s Secret open call.

Our current milieu is smegma rich with blame-shifting and responsibility eschewing.

Ain’t nobody got time for responsibility.

One sure-fire way to separate from the pusillanimous pack and get well on your way out of Pussville and down to the mean streets of Mantown is to take the masculine path of… drum roll please… responsibility.

For the pussies who aren’t familiar with the term or the thought of being responsible, the word “responsible” is an adjective which means: having the job or duty of dealing with or taking care of something or someone.

It means to be trusted to do what is right or to do the things that are expected or required, usually involving important duties, deci- sions, etc., that are entrusted to you.

And guess what, ladies and genitals … Pussies hate that stuff. And I mean hate.

Selling responsibility to today’s dillweeds is much akin to selling Rosie O’Donnell on skinny vodka and low fat Bean Dip.





So… why do the vast multitudes of young rabble scram from accountability?

I think it’s due largely in part because their Boomer and GenX predecessors sacrificed true greatness on the altar of rank narcissism and its spawn, self-preservation; of which their me-monkey children were all but too happy to embrace with greater zeal.

For example, check out Generation Pussy’s “authority” gurus.

During Obama’s two torrid terms, he wasn’t responsible for anything negative. Like in nada.

Indeed, BHO’s admin has been indelibly marked by accelerated financial debt, foreign policy bungles, scandals aplenty, a coddling of terrorists, rank racial tensions, an antipathy for law enforcement and our military and an overall disintegration of our nation’s exceptionalism.

But… it’s not Barack’s fault if you were to ask him. Oh, hell no. It’s Bush’s fault.
Yep, even though it’s been he and his feckless policies in place for the last eight long-ass years, he’s not to blame for it, but George W is.

And that, my friends, is what is called “passing the buck.”

Speaking of douches, the House and Senate don’t give a rat’s ass if they don’t do what they were elected and/or needed to do for the good of our country. Screw that noise. They’re too busy milking special interest groups and their interns’ sex organs to actually be bothered with performing the jobs we were dumb enough to elect them to do.

While I’m on the topic of irresponsibility, did you know the lardy hagfish, also known as Hillary Rodham Clinton, is “not responsible” for letting our ambassador Chris Stevens and our best of the best be butchered in Benghazi?

If you think I’m full of bollocks, just ask Hillary. She’ll tell you it ain’t her fault and she’ll blame it on an unwatched YouTube video… or poor communication… or low blood sugar… or global warming… or the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. That’s it! The Conservatives made her not send military support for Stevens and his crew when they begged #CrookedHillary to launch sorties on their behalf. In addition, when she’s got redhanded influence peddling via The Clinton Foundation and/or lying to Congress, The FBI and the American people … well, that’s not her fault either. Sometimes she just ‘short circuits’and we must cease to be so judgmental of the Hildebeest and just get over her SNAFUS. There… see how easy that was?

Granted, dear reader, even though running from responsibility might momentarily extract you or Hillary from the angst of feeling like an F-up, which is a necessary and innate punitive emotion for when one has dropped the proverbial ball, it will also, in the long run, keep you from true leadership and greatness which requires a hearty embracing of accountability.

Memorize this maxim, dear pussy: Responsibility is the gateway to greatness in all spheres of life.
If you’re given a job, duty or task … then do it.

Yes, it will cost you blood, sweat, and tears.

Yes, you will fail sometimes, oft times, in accomplishing the task at hand, but that’s the path to Mantown.

In addition, please note: A true man or woman will own it when they blow it. A good person won’t blame others for their screw ups.

BTW, for my genteel readers; both ‘pussy’ and its derivative, ‘pussification’, are slang for a ten dollar, word namely, pusillanimous. It’s an adjective meaning one who’s timid; a dandy who shows a lack of character, courage or determination. In other words… a pussy.

* The preceding was taken from Doug Giles’ new book,
‘PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male’

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