The Media is behaving more like a Democrat ‘SuperPAC’ than an independent Press. An airplane toilet just sucks. Which sucks worse?


Trump crowds have been hammering journalists for months to ‘Do Your Job’.

It’s making them antsy… and triggered.

With increasing regularity, these journalist snowflakes are “reporting” their victimization at the hands Trump supporters who chant mean things like, “CNN sucks” and call them names like “presstitutes.”

For members of the media elite, the occasional taunts and jeers signal a dangerous threat to the free press. During an interview with Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer breathlessly asked Trump’s campaign manager to ask Trump to stop calling out the press at his rallies because he is scared “there could be an ugly incident” between Trump supporters and the “hardworking young journalists” who cover his rallies.

A quick review of media stories over the last two weeks reveals more than a dozen articles in major publications with the same “journalists victimized by Trump supporters at rallies” narrative. Trump supporters endure long waits, messy parking, and often obstructed view seating to rally for their candidate. The press, on the other hand, is given their own entrance, sectioned off seating, and protection from event security and the Secret Service.

After an exhaustive search, this Breitbart reporter could find exactly zero incidences of members of the media being physically attacked or assaulted at Trump rallies. None of this has stopped the misleading characterization of Trump supporters creating a “menacing” and “dangerous” environment for these special snowflakes.
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Here is a sample of the whining members of the Press have posted to social media:

And finally, Trump supporters are lumped in with Nazis. Surprise of all Surprises!

Trump supporters have been called all sorts of things by the Media.

You can hear the shock when reporting that the polls are close or the huge crowds at Trump rallies.

Almost every report has a ‘sneer’ when handling anything even a bit right-leaning.

When the Trump tape came out, the Media reaction was like this:


But now, we’re supposed to feel badly about some chanting to ‘Do Your Job’?

Weren’t we ‘Deplorable’? Deplorables don’t apologize.

Oh, the poor little ‘Presstitutes’ that are wined and dined by the Hillary campaign.

With your private entrances and private security.

It’s just sooooo hard!


Grow up, you pussies!

Here, take one of these and don’t go back to work until you’ve finished reading it.

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