DISGUSTING: Black Thugs Beat WHITE Cancer Survivor To A Bloody Pulp – No Word From CNN

Hey Obama, BLM, and card-carrying Leftist agitators… is this the ‘Privilege’ you keep telling us about?

This is one of the unintended consequence of claiming every person shot by a cop is ‘murdered’ for his ‘race’. Obama’s ‘if I had a son’ nonsense isn’t helping fix it, either.

Here’s the situation:

A good guy sees a teenage girl being harassed by some teens. And, because REAL men PROTECT women, rather than preying upon them — and he’s a REAL man — he steps up.

This ‘group of young men and boys’ are NOT men in any moral sense, as shown by what happened next. Like a pack of dogs, they turned on the guy who dared protect the woman. They outnumbered him, and they beat him with tree branches and other weapons until he needed to be hospitalized. Then they fled.

Real ‘manly men’, these guys. Their mommas must be sooo proud.

Here are the photos.


Watch the news report:

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A friend of a Good Samaritan beaten earlier this week outside his apartment in south city has organized an online fundraising effort to help cover the man’s medical expenses.

The beating occurred around 6 p.m. Sunday in the 3700 block of Virginia Avenue. The victim, 38-year-old Rob Ludwig, and his girlfriend saw a group of young men and boys harassing a teenage girl on the street and went outside to intervene.

Ludwig and his girlfriend, 34, began yelling at the group to leave the girl alone. However, a woman who was with the group began arguing with the couple and struck Ludwig’s girlfriend in the head with a tree limb. The rest of the group attacked Ludwig, punching him and hitting him with other objects.

The group ran off before police could arrive. No arrests have been made in the assault.
Read more: FOX 2

One of the thugs has been identified, and the case is still ongoing.

There is a fundraising page for his medical costs. It can be found here, with an update on his condition:

Update on Rob!
Rob was released from the hospital and was able to celebrate his birthday at home. He is taking things one day at time and we hope for a full recovery but have to wait for the swelling and bruising to go down. Rob is no stranger to fighting for his life, he fought cancer (lymphoma) and WON…he fought heart complications from the chemotherapy..and WON…he fought end stage renal disease, years of dialysis and 2 kidney transplants…and WON. Rob is a HERO to many of us that know him and a vicious attack by 15 cowards is NOT going to stop him, especially when he was trying to help out a fellow neighbor. What is our society coming to! He will recover and he will WIN again…because that’s how SUPER HEROs roll.

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