HEY, CNN: Do THESE Lives Matter?

91-year-old Paul Monchnik was beaten to death in his own home, then set afire.

Arrested is Monchnik’s 17-year-old neighbor.

George Stewart was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison for his crime.

Monchnik was a World War II veteran. The local media quoted his son as saying, “The terrible, sickening feeling I get thinking that my dad’s last hour on earth was filled with horror and pain, worse than anything he went through in the war.”

The brutal murder of the elderly war veteran failed to make the cut for national news coverage. Why? Perhaps because the victim was white and the convicted killer was black. Had the races been reversed, the murder would have created a media firestorm with endless reminders that racism is alive and well in the United States.

Apparently white lives don’t matter; particularly those of elderly white veterans.

• It’s not just the elderly who fall victim to black-on-white violence.

16-year-old William Cade Booher was shot in the head multiple times after he handed over $50 during an armed robbery.

Booher was in a vehicle driven by 18-year-old Dane Mathesius. Mathesius was also executed, his body found days later.

Both Booher and Mathesius were white.

Three black males were identified as suspects. Two were arrested and a third remained at large. All three are 17-years-old.

The crimes occurred in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Two of the black teens — Ronald Foster Jr. and Deontae Jones — play for Aliquippa High School’s football team and participated in a game days after the murders.

While innocent white people are being murdered by blacks across the country, blacks complain of micro-aggressions.

The crimes were reported October 5, 2016.

• Two black adults were arrested after the murder of a white women in August.

Thv11.com reports that Tramale Deangelo Wright and Sharekia Nisha Law were arrested for the murder of Amy Ashley.

Ashley was found dead in her SUV at a gas station in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The 39-year-old had been shot multiple times. The victim was executed Saturday, August 6, 2016 and died the following Monday when life support was removed.

No motive for the murder was reported. The apparent black-on-white murder was largely ignored by the mainstream national media and local media seemed reluctant to mention race. Photos of the victims revealed the races of the victim and suspects involved.

Historians remind us that white Americans routinely attacked black victims without cause or provocation. Documentation of such attacks are scant. However, black-on-white violence occurs daily in our nation and is documented by local media outlets, court records, and government statistics.

• 17-year-old Bryan Allen Thompson was murdered outside a recreational center in Sherwood, Arkansas.

The crime occurred in broad daylight — about 2:30 pm — on April 21, 2016.

Three black teens — 17-year-old Xavier Porter, 15-year-old Quincy Parker, and 14-year-old Trevone Miller — were arrested in connection with the murder.

Charges include aggravated robbery and murder.

The accused were assigned a court date in October, 2016.

Thompson was apparently shot to death as he sat in his car. Investigators originally assumed the death was caused by suicide.

The victim’s aunt said her family was praying for the families of the alleged killers and is trying to forgive them. “I know that when you do forgive, you release the heartache from your own heart and I don’t want that in my life.”

Rather than riot, friends of the victim held a candlelight vigil.

Black thugs have hunted white people for sport for generations. They frequently hunt in packs of three.

The attacks often result in severe injury or, as in the tragic case of Thompson, death.

The epidemic of black-on-white violence is inexcusable. The silence of the mainstream national media; even more so. The media, however, prefer to fret over the deaths of black thugs who are killed in self-defense while attacking police officers.

• Mark Merle Pyne, 57, was fatally stabbed at 4:30 pm while walking down a street in Fairfield, California.

Arrested is 30-year-old Gregory Washington.

Pyne was white. Washington is black.

No motive was given for the murder.

How tragic that white Americans are literally being slaughtered in their neighborhoods in broad daylight and the national mainstream media remain silent.

• This white life didn’t matter to his killer.

John Ferrari, Jr., 61, was found murdered at a cottage colony in New York where he worked as a caretaker.

His life also didn’t seem to matter to the media. Little was said about the circumstances of his demise.

Arrested for the murder is Rickey Bolden, Jr., 36.

Bolden is black. Ferrari was white.

• All was not well in this mixed-race couple’s home.

Steven Williams entered a “no contest” plea to the murder of his wife.

Tricia Todd, 30, went missing in April. Her remains were found in a barrel of acid.

Williams was sentenced to only 35 years for the murder. Five years were added for child neglect. Williams left his daughter alone while he dumped Todd’s body.

The crime occurred in central Florida.

• Black-on-white violence is also common in Canada.

Septimus Neverson, 54, will face charges for the murder of a popular Canadian artist.

Jacques Sénécal was murdered at his Laval, Quebec home in 2006. The alleged killer managed to evade authorities for ten years.

Neverson is a suspect in a series of violent home invasions in the Montreal area.

Image: Screen shot: https://www.yahoo.com/news/witness-teens-murder-aliquippa-found-032131278.html

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