HEY LIBERALS: If You’re So ‘TOLERANT’, Why AVOID Black Neighborhoods?

Last month a 17-year-old white boy was beaten comatose by a mob of black thugs.

Four suspects have been arrested.

Reports say Brian Ogle was attacked because he posted a note on social media expressing support for police.

Reports depict the image of feral black males beating and kicking Ogle, crushing his skull and causing bleeding of the brain. The attack occurred in a hardware store parking lot in Sylacauga, Alabama.

Ogle was airlifted for emergency brain surgery as police went to work in search of his attackers.

Arrested this week were 20-year-old Quartez Lamar Walker, 19-year-old Bobby Ronchea Brown, 18-year-old La Noah Grant Ealy Jr., and 20-year-old Daveon Shamareya Nix were all arrested by Sylacauga Police and charged with assault.

The brutal beating of a young white teen by a mob of black males stands in stark contrast to media misrepresentations. We are misled to believe that white American have a history of randomly assaulting black people without provocation. Documentation of such attacks are rare.

In reality, the opposite is true.

• White Americans — including the liberals most adamant in their stance against racism — are careful to avoid black neighborhoods.

I call it “practical segregation.”

• Vice-president Joe Biden, for example, says he looks forward to the day when white people are the minority in America.

Nonetheless, Biden lives in a palatial home securely insulated by a white community. That is, like most white liberals who claim to embrace diversity, he lives in a white enclave.

His hometown of Greenville, Delaware is 85.7 percent white and 4.8 percent black. Delaware, by comparison, is 68.9 percent white and 21.4 percent black.

If Biden truly believes diversity is our strength, we would expect him to live in a “strong” racially integrated neighborhood. Typically, white liberals profess to eschew the evils of racial segregation while preferring to live in racially segregated neighborhoods.

19-year-old Myles Cameron Diamond was summarily executed by a single gunshot to the head. Christopher Marcus Wilson Jr., 22, of Winston-Salem, is charged with murder, according to myfox8.com.

Reports say the two were roommates and shared an apartment, but did not offer a motive for the execution. Wilson is black. Diamond was white.

• Privileged white liberals — like Vermont senator Bernie Sanders — practice segregation while preaching integration.

Sanders home state, Vermont, is the second whitest state in the nation, following West Virginia.

94.8 percent of Vermont’s residents claim to be white. That excludes white Hispanics and Latinos. Only 1.3 percent of the state’s population is black; slightly higher than 1.0 percent recorded by the 2010 census.

If Sander truly cares about black Americans, why does he not move into a black housing project where he can freely redistribute his white privilege? Could it be that Sanders is a closet racist? Or is he fearful of black-on-white violence?

• 31-year-old Sharon Gray was no hypocrite. The postdoctoral researcher at a California university immersed herself in the black culture of Ethiopia where she was studying plant biology.

Gray was tragically killed last week. She was stoned to death by an angry mob of black protesters. Reports say the American woman and a companion were in a vehicle when they were pelted with stones. Gray’s companion survived.

• Contrast the tragic demise of Sharon Gray with the opulent lifestyle of Michael Moore. Moore is the infamous filmmaker, noted for his left-leaning documentaries.

Reports say Moore’s $5.2 million vacation home was placed on the market; a result of his divorce from filmmaker Kathleen Glynn.

The massive 7-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom, eleven thousand square foot log palace is located on Torch Lake near Traverse City, Michigan.

Census.gov reports Traverse City is 94.4 percent white. The black population was 0.4 percent in 2010 when the census was taken.

One can’t help but wonder why Moore preferred to immerse himself in one of Michigan’s whitest communities rather than finding shelter in a black Detroit neighborhood. Surely, Moore’s wealth would have contributed to ease urban blight. Is Moore a closet racist? Or does he prefer to live in a safe and secure Jim Crow neighborhood to avoid black crime?

• 26-year-old John Felix has been arrested for the murder of two police officers. Both victims — one a policeman and the other a policewoman — were white. Felix is black. The fatal shootings occurred during a 12-hour standoff. The slain officers are Jose Gilbert Vega and Lesley Zerebny. The murders occurred in Palm Springs, California.

Black-on-white violence continues to epidemic. White liberals, however, are far removed in secure, white neighborhoods.

photo credit: From: The National Guard DC National Guard via photopin (license)

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