HUNTERS & ANGLERS: Here’s The BIG DIFFERENCE Between Trump & Hillary On Wildlife, Streams & Forests

Don Jr. talks to Outdoor Life and enumerates the difference between Trump and Hillary on issues relevant to hunters and anglers.

Don Jr. laughed and said, “When my father wins the presidency, I’ll be here in New York with my brother and sister helping to run our international company. But the one thing I will have his ear on are the issues related to conservation and our sportsmen’s heritage. I will help vet who he will nominate to run the Department of the Interior—I know who all the right people are to ask for insight and perspective on this and they will be privately asked to weigh in. I will be there to make sure the people who run the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and so on know how much sportsmen do for wildlife and conservation and that, for the sake of us all, they value the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. I can tell you, as a sportsman, you don’t want Hillary Clinton putting radical environmentalists in those positions—and that’s what I think she would do.”

That certainly happened in Bill Clinton’s administration. In early 2000, when I was an editor for Outdoor Life, I interviewed President Bill Clinton’s director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Jamie Rappaport Clark, after the USFWS had been caught misappropriating funds. The USFWS had taken money generated by the Pittman-Robertson Tax that hunters and gun owners pay when they purchase guns and ammo. Some of this money was allegedly used to pay for the wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone and surrounding areas. Congress passed legislation to prevent this from ever happening again. When Bill Clinton left office, Clark went on to a job at the animal-rights group Defenders of Wildlife. She is now its president and CEO.

Here are the highlights:

On Land Management and Economic growth:

There are also several seasoned advisors on the campaign staff who come from strong outdoor sports backgrounds who I prefer not to name, but these are people who have been instrumental in the campaign from its start and are people that my dad, Eric and I trust. We trust them because they have a clear picture of what ought to be done in land management, wildlife management, and resource management throughout the country…These advisors are also successful business people who understand the balance necessary to keep our economic growth and resource preservation on the same level.

On Federal Land Transfers

We would form a commission to completely revamp the management structure of public lands with a review of the Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy management structures.

On Energy Development

…a Trump administration would support the Keystone pipeline and would allow the prudent and thoughtful development of energy resources wherever they may be found. This is all possible while wildlife and fisheries are protected. We have great examples how this can be done and we should trust our states, governors and state legislatures to manage more of our public lands.

On Climate Change

My dad is a climate change skeptic and will reserve judgment until such time as there is more scientific evidence to support the notion that man’s actions are responsible for climate change. The climate has always been changing due to many factors.

On Reexamining The Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act and Others

…at a minimum, we think the following should be examined and re-evaluated: the Federal Land Management Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Water Act, the Equal Justice Act and the Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act.

Read the full Outdoor Life Article here.

Hillary would take a page from her husband’s playbook and appoint activists in positions of power.

She will double-down on the fight to end climate change, which John Kerry has said is ‘as much of a threat to the world as ISIS’.

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